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Visit el wire electroluminescent is an original, easy-to-use light that can be installed inside a home, on clothing or in a car. There are, however, several variations of this type of luminaire, each adapted to different needs and uses. What criteria determine the choice of a luminaire? el wire ?Here's a guide to the most frequently asked questions about luminous wires. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask us any other questions you may have contact form.

Foire aux questions sur le fil lumineux

What are the differences between a el wire, a el wire flexible, a luminous cord and an EL Wire ?

Well, there aren't any! They are synonyms for the same product, i.e. a flexible wire with a PVC casing. This type of light technology (electroluminescent technology) can also be found in the form of a el tape, barely thicker than a sheet of paper.

What are the advantages of luminous wires and electroluminescent strips ?

These luminous products are incredible not only for their technical features, but also for their ease of use. They emit a homogeneous light over their entire length, with a low luminous intensity that doesn't dazzle or irritate the eye, for a beautiful effect in any setting darkness or darkness. The angle of diffusion of the light wires is on 360° and for el tapes on 120°. Electroluminescence technology is a cold source, so these products do not emit any heat no heat. This is especially important when you want to use them on substrates such as paper, cardboard or fabric. Easily adaptable to your needs, you can cut them wherever you like, just with a pair of scissors. Rope lights are waterproof and can be used in damp or rainy conditions (remember to insulate the ends and your cord) inverter).

What is the difference between a el wire and a bendable el wire ? ?

The difference lies in the composition of the flexiform. It incorporates a metal wire inside. This makes it easier to shape. Thanks to this special feature, it can retain the shape you've given it without the need for fasteners.

What is the difference between a el wire and a sewable el wire ? ?

Well, you won't believe it, but it's the collar! This thin PVC strip of 8mm width allows sew it on a piece of clothing or staple or nail it, on any type of surface. You can also use it to place a double-sided label or stick it directly onto your surface.

What is the difference between a el wire and a animated el wire ? ?

Here too, I'm going to surprise you: the difference lies in the animation that simulates the passage of an electric current. The effect runs along the entire length of the wire and through 360 degrees. This type of neon needsinverter to operate and play this animation. You will find kits at your disposal Battery-operated, in 12 volts and in 220 volts.

How a el wire ? ?

Composition d'un fil lumineux

It works on the principle of electroluminescence. It consists of a phosphor-coated copper core (conductor wire) on which 2 very fine copper wires are wound. The whole assembly is protected by a transparent sheath which is itself covered by a colored PVC sheath. When an alternating electric current is passed through it, the wire is illuminated, producing a light with a brightness of up to 100 % a neon effect. The light emitted is constant. It covers the entire length and 360 degrees.

Is a inverter for this type of luminaire ?

Yes, so that the el wire to function, the the inverter is equipped with a inverter. This increases the frequency of the current. From around 50 Hz to several thousand hertz.

What inverter for a el wire flexible ?

Alimentations pour fil lumineux

It all depends on the length you want to use and its application. For example, the battery case will not be the same if you have 5 meters or 10 meters rope light for power supply. Kits are available with :

  • Battery boxes (ideal for nomadic, stand-alone projects)
  • Inverters sectors
  • Cigarette lighter sockets
  • Inverter 12V

What lengths are available ?

Whether for el wire, the sewable el wire, available in 2m and 5m. A little extra for the el wire also available in 10m and 50m (in red, blue and white). On the el tape, available in 1m and 2m.

Can the neon be bent? Is there a specific bending direction ?

This is one of the great strengths of this luminaire: it's ultra-flexible. The wire can be bent, curled or twisted all the senses over its entire length. It supports a bending angle of 180°. With this type of product, you can create any design you like.

Can I cut a el wire ?And how do you cut a el wire ? ?

Coupe d'un fil lumineux

Yes, it is possible to adjust the length of your el wire. In fact, it's one of its major assets: you can cut it anywhere along its entire length. There's no need to respect cutting lines. It's very easy to do: all you need is a pair of scissors or cutting pliers. Once this has been done, remember to insulate the end of the cut section by reusing the termination cap or putting a silicone tip on it.

Another advantage is that the scrap can be reused, no matter what length you have left.

How to connect a el wire ? ?

You've installed your neon light but haven't used the full length of the fixture? No problem, the cut parts can be reconnected electrically. We offer a connection set to weld. Don't panic, if you don't have the equipment or don't know how to do it, we can perform this operation in our workshop ;) If you'd like to do it yourself, we've put together a video tutorial and a tutorial with photo to follow the process step by step.

How to fix a el wire ? ?

Several options are available, depending on your use and your substrate. The el wire the electroluminescent label can be glued to any surface. For this, use plastic glue or silicone. It can also be knotted, held in place with jumpers or clamps (serflex type), stapled... Just be careful not to pinch or puncture the el wire flexible. As far as the el tape, in addition to glue, you can also use adhesive tape.

How to fix a el wire flexible on a garment ?

For this type of application, we strongly recommend the sewable el wire who thanks to this sews directly onto the fabric of your garment. With a width of 8mm, you'll have no trouble getting the job done. Of course, this el wire can be used for other applications, as it is also possible to staple the collar for simple, effective fastening !

How long does a el wire and a el tape ? ?

These products have a very looooooooooong life! Count on between 8000 and 12000 hours, depending on how you use them.

Visit el wire is it waterproof ?

Yes, you can use it in a damp environment or outdoors. You'll need to take care to protect the connections and the inverter. However, as the wire is not UV-treated, it is recommended to use it on neon LED or the neon LED ribbon for a long-lasting installation. Visit el wire can also be immersed, except for the ends (the part with theinverter and the one with the end cap).

The inverter makes a high-pitched sound, is this normal ?

Yes, reassure your inverter works perfectly! This more or less perceptible sound depends on the type ofinverter is inherent to technology. It's called frequency elevation.

Can neon be used to light worktops or living areas ?

Products based on this technology are not intended for use as main lighting. Applications are more oriented towards decoration and signage in a dark environment. The solution in this case is to use an LED luminaire as a lED ribbon, , lED neon or even lED spotlights and bulbs.