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The world of light Neon-flexible.com

Know-how and a range of flexible lighting fixtures with unbeatable value for money!

The el wirealso known as el wire flexible, allows you to subtly decorate any object in your home with unrivalled flexibility of use. Our luminous wires are available in different colors and lengths. You can also light up a table, a worktop, a computer, the interior of a car, etc. with our tuning kits.

All luminous wires are available in retail or kit form, and for all types of use, both fixed (220V) and nomadic (batteries). el wire offers a harmonious look along its entire length, for the most beautiful lighting effect in darkness or gloom.

The el tape is flat, as thick as a strip of scotch tape. The lighting effect is particularly striking, with a width of el tape. The el tape can be used indoors, providing ambient lighting in all circumstances, whether for fixed or mobile use.

Feel free to browse our global site, LumiPop.com dedicated to the creation of customized neon LED signs with Plexiglas backgrounds.

el wire and el tape are designed for both private and professional customers. We look forward to hearing from you, and will work with you to analyze your needs and propose an appropriate solution. Don't hesitate to contact us :-)