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Want to have a little fun when you charge your smartphone? We have the perfect product for you :-) The luminous charging cord new generation. It diffuses a moving light that simulates the passage of an electric current. The more your device is discharged the faster the animation. And the more your device is charged the more it slows down. Until it turns off when your smartphone is fully charged. Beyond the wow effect you can check at a glance the state of charge of your phone or mobile device.

This charging cable plugs into any USB socket or 220V charging unit of your cell phone. To date, three versions are available, the first one with the Apple Lightning connector, which allows you to charge all devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod... equipped with this type of connector. The second with the most common Micro USB connector and the third with the new USB Type-C connector that equips all Android smartphones and devices of the last generations.

This luminous charging cable is available in 4 colors: Red, green, blue and RGB (multicolor). With a length of 1m it is dark gray when it is turned off. It allows you to charge your mobile devices but also to transfer your data. It is visible as well in daytime as in the dark. Whaouuu effect guaranteed!

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